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The Cleaning Helper 5in1

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The 5 in 1 Airpod and keyboard cleaning tool is a versatile and durable product for keeping your electronic devices clean. It comes with five different tools that can be swapped around depending on your needs. The removable brush can also be used to clean keyboards. The tool includes a nylon cleaning brush, a metal cleaning pick, a slim-line sponge, and a large nylon brush, all designed to clean hard-to-reach spots without causing damage to your devices. This cleaning tool is specifically designed for Airpods and keyboard cleaning but can also be used for other electronics like earphones. The nylon brush attachment can be used to agitate debris in hard to reach places. With this 5 in 1 cleaning helper, you can easily remove dirt and debris or polish your electronic devices to a shine.

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The Cleaning Helper 5in1
The Cleaning Helper 5in1

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